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Face Brick

There is a reason why we have been supplying brick for over 100 years to the building community. Using brick on your home or commercial project will combine your project with sustainability, a timeless look, and the most proven product in building history.

Church Brick is proud to represent many brick manufacturers that each offer a quality product and value to our customers. We welcome you to explore our manufacturing partner’s websites below.

Bowerston Shale

Brampton Brick

Cloud Ceramics
Elgin Butler
General Shale
Henry Brick
Kansas Brick & Tile
Lee Brick & Tile
McAvoy Brick
Pine Hall
Sioux City
Stiles & Hart
Triangle Brick

Thin Brick

Used both commercially and residentially, thin brick is a popular choice for new construction, or as an upgrade to an existing building. With simple installation and versatility of colors and textures, thin brick is a popular choice for contractors and homeowners alike.

Feldhaus Thin Brick
Old Brick Originals (General Shale)
Marion Ceramics
Redland Tru-Brix
Summitville Brick & Tile

Natural Stone

Custom stone adds elegance and sophistication to any building and is available in thin veneer and full bed sizes. We source stone from all over the world depending on your project design and needs. Please explore our images of products and projects above, as well as links to our suppliers.

Various Quarries
Get Real Stone
Indiana Limestone

Man-Made Stone

Popular for both residential and commercial use, chose from any of our cultured stone options. These products are cast from molds of natural stone that can create an authentic look and are economically friendly.

Boral Stone
Coronado Stone
Eldorado Stone


Church Brick provides countless choices of pavers for your new project. Brick patios, driveways, courtyards and walkways are just a few of the many applications used with landscape pavers. Aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and the ability to stand the test of time against nature and weather – look no further than our collection of quality brick, natural stone and porcelain pavers.

General Shale

Landmark Ceramics

Marion Ceramics

Pine Hall



Thin Brick & Stone Installation Systems

Thin brick, natural stone and man-made stone products have gained popularity in combining the look of traditional masonry with the versatility of thin wall systems. Most brick and stone manufacturers offer their full thickness products in a thin profile. We offer many different panel systems and products to achieve your design goals.

The LATICRETE Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS)

LATICRETE has developed an installation system that provides a permanent, high strength installation that is freeze/thaw stable and protected from water intrusion. Backed by either the LATICRETE 25 Year System Warranty or 15 Year Warranty, the LATICRETE Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) allows for increased productivity utilizing either masonry veneer techniques or the “tile setter’s” method.

PermaBase Cement Board

PermaBase Brand cement board is a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh that provides an exceptionally hard, durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. PermaBase is ideally suited as an underlayment or backing surface for tub and shower surrounds, countertops, flooring and a variety of other interior and exterior applications.


Tru-Brix is a versatile cladding system designed to permit the use of brick in a variety of situations where the look of brick is required and full size brick are not economical. Using this specially designed system, architects, builders and homeowners can choose real brick without the need for load carrying steel, footers, or limitation on the height of the wall.

Architectural Block




Cast Stone

Cast Stone is a highly refined architectural precast building “stone” manufactured to simulate the color, texture and appearance of natural stone. It is used as a masonry product to provide architectural trim, ornamentation or functional features on buildings or other structures in various forms such as caps, sills, bands and veneer panels. We can provide our clients with design ideas and layout drawing.

Click here to request information about custom cast stone

Glazed Materials

Elgin Butler Ceramic glazed masonry units are unsurpassed in beauty and durability making them the perfect choice for sustainable building design. The ceramic finish is available in many standard and custom colors, and the units offer a durable, permanent, non-fading wall system that has an impervious ceramic glazed face with a high abuse tolerance against impact, abrasion and graffiti.

Trikeenan Tileworks uses proprietary glazes and firing techniques to produce a spectrum of color effects that are both brilliant and subtle. Design possibilities are endless with the range of sizes, shapes & color selections. Trikeenan Tileworks can transform everyday commercial, hospitality and living designs into extraordinary spaces.

McIntyre Tile offers handmade artisan tile custom-made to order using porcelain and stoneware clays and a collection of high-temperature glazes. Produced for residential and commercial applications, this quality crafted tile is fashionable, versatile and unlike any other tile available on the market.

Seneca TilesManufacturers of glazed, unglazed ceramic tile, terracotta tile and thin brick.  Celebrating the warmth and authenticity of naturally made ceramic tiles.

Masonry Accessories & Reinforcement

Hohmann & Barnard

Quikrete Products




Bluestone Treads


Limestone Treads

Marshalltown Tools


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